Thursday, April 15, 2004


I leave work at 4:00. It takes about 8 minutes to drive home and it's a scenic journey--up and over a big hill. Heading up the hill, downtown and the harbor (often filled with cruise ships this time of year) are laid out to my left. On extra-clear days, you can see the outline of St. Croix, 40 miles to the south. Frequently we can see Vieques (our Puerto Rican neighbor) which is southwest of us. There's a hairpin turn and suddenly the panoramic view is on my right. We have construction on the hill right now, so the road narrows to one northbound (homeward) lane at one point. Southbound traffic is detoured. During morning rush hour, the traffic flow is reversed. If I leave the house after a certain time in the morning (when the traffic snaking down the hill will be horrific), I take the detour as a time-saver. I did that yesterday and at one point I thought, "This is crazy! Look where my morning commute takes me!" Because we've gotten so used to driving (probably a bit too fast) on these very narrow, windy (no shoulder) island roads. Not your standard commute, that's for sure. But what a commute! I zip along in our dark green Honda with the sun roof open, the windows down and enjoy all of the glorious scenery offered by a tropical, sun-filled morning.

Yesterday I couldn't wait to get to the beach after work. As I was standing in the shower yesterday morning, I was already counting the hours until I could get to the beach. I thought about it all day at the office...and when I finally got there, it didn't let me down. It was a gorgeous day yesterday. I know I use that word a lot to describe our weather here, but it's just so appropriate. The bay (at the beach where I walk) was calm; the sun was bordering on hot. It wasn't even 4:30, but already the beach was very uncrowded. The cruise ship passengers have all gone back to their respective ships by that time. What's left is the occasional sunbather...a few walkers...a vacationing family here or there. But yesterday, in addition to a couple who had just gotten married on the beach and were having their pictures taken (with only two others in attendance, one of whom was the photographer), there were lots and lots of babies. Not just little kids--I see lots of those at the beach--but babies. It was almost like a "Mommy and Me" class, except they weren't together. The babies and (mostly) mommies were spread up and down the mile-long beach. And it made me really happy to see them--and to watch them splash in the water and run naked down the sand and cry in the shade and do everything that babies do at the beach.

Boyfriend's been after me that we should buy a little rubber dinghy so we can paddle (or motor) around our neighborhood bay. I agree it would be a delightful thing to do. He's been spending a lot of time surfing the internet, checking out different dinghies (rafts). I was thinking about his desire for us to do that as I was walking on the beach and when I reached the eastern end, there was the perfect raft tied to a tree. I didn't even notice it until I was practically right up on it (what with all of the baby-gawking I was doing). It seemed to be a sign, because I had just been thinking what a perfect day it would be to be toodling around the bay...if only we had a dinghy. Maybe the babies were a sign, too. No, not THAT kind of sign! :) But one that reminds me that if I can get some of that baby wonder back in my spirit (and I've gotten a bit of that in the last few years), then amazing things might happen. If I remember to experience the world from a wondrous place, then the universe just might reward me with granting some of my most heartfelt wishes.

May you find a little baby magic in your life today.


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