Friday, April 09, 2004


Check out McSweeney's "Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush"--not that we need anymore. I know someone who attended the same boarding school as "W" and I asked him once, "Did he seem like a dunce even then?" Response: "Oh yeah!"

I have a radio in my office and listen to NPR all day. Actually "listen" might be an exaggeration--sometimes it's more like white noise. But over the last decade or so I've gotten very used to having a radio quietly playing in the background when I'm stuck in an office setting. I function much better (and am much more pleasant to be around) when I have that white noise. I was surprised that NPR didn't carry live coverage of Condi Rice's testimony yesterday. I finally found it being broadcast on a local AM station which is an ABC affiliate...until it was time for Paul Harvey, that is. (They do have their priorities. That should tell you right there why I never listen to that station.) So I heard part of her testimony live and saw segments of it on C-Span's repeat last night as I was flipping back and forth (and what I was watching simultaneously escapes me now). We also saw yesterday's "The Daily Show" last night. Now that the mainland has "sprung forward," it comes on at 11:00 here, whereas during the winter months it airs at midnight...and we're in bed long before then. So it was nice to catch it the same day instead of waiting for the next evening's rerun. They had a field day with Condi, as expected.

Since we also watched "The Apprentice" last night, here's my question for the day: Who's the bigger lying, "I've got something to hide" sister? Condi or Omarosa?


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