Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Elvin Jones R.I.P.

It's a sad day in drummer world...Elvin Jones died yesterday. He was one of the boyfriend's drumming idols (as he was for many, many jazz drummers). I hope he's kicking some serious drum ASS wherever he is. He was a monster.


I must report that I burned my left about 12 hours. What the f***?! Last night I took a baking dish out of the oven and (even though I've learned this painful lesson several times before) used my bare fingers to peel back the foil. I got a major steam burn. I ran my hand under cold water (and wished I lived in a place where the cold water actually ran COLD) and followed that with ice packs and aloe vera gel and a couple of Advil. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. I've done that several times before, but it never hurt like THAT! I must have really gotten a good blast of steam.

Fast forward to 7:15 this morning...I was at the deli near my office grabbing a muffin and cup of lemongrass tea. I put the cup under the spout of the hot-pot and (I guess because it was really full) it blew out of the spigot as if it were a hose. It hit the cup with such force that it splashed out all over my left hand (which was holding the cup). I let out a bit of yelp, grabbed some napkins to dab away the scalding tea, finished filling my cup and headed to the office. But I hadn't made it across the street before it started to really burn and turn very red. I flew into the office, right past my boss, saying as I flew by, "Gotta get ice...I burned my hand." He immediately jumped up from his desk to follow me into the kitchen. But when he opened our tiny (dorm-size) fridge we found that the ice trays were buried under inches of freezer frost. So he chipped away at it to fill a bowl so I could soak my hand.

What are the odds? Well, yeah, 50-50 that it would be the same hand...but what are the odds that one would burn themselves in the same spot back-to-back like that? Is there some planetary weirdness putting a hex on my sign this week?


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