Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Fourteen dollars...

As we were leaving to head into town to grab a bite to eat this evening, boyfriend grabbed a handful of cassettes from his stash. These are tapes that he had stored at his parents' house when we came here; we shipped a bunch of them back from Portland when we were on the mainland last October. There are some real gems. I've never even heard a lot of them, so I never know what to expect to hear coming out of the car speakers. The first tape was a studio recording of his buddy Paul deLay (see post from a week or so ago). We listened to a song or two on each of the tapes he'd grabbed and then put Paul's tape back in on the way home. As we were nearing home, Paul started singing a jaunty blues tune on the tape, "I got 14 dollars in the bank...fifteen hundred worth o' unpaid bills..." Paul writes some fun tunes.

Thankfully we have more than 14 dollars in the bank*, but it sure is hard to be patient as we plan the next 10-1/2 months or so before heading to the mainland. Hard not to just wish that we had all of our (planned) savings NOW, so we could just...GO. But everything in its own time.

*(My mother always talks about the time she made 18 cents last three weeks. Amazing how resourceful we can be when we have to be...)


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