Saturday, May 01, 2004

I Go Zoom

Boyfriend offered to make breakfast today. He whipped up a killer batch of homefries and served 'em with scrambled egss and toast with blackberry jam. Yum!

I felt like listening to some music. I pulled out a CD we hadn't listened to in a long time. Every once in awhile I get nostalgic and feel like hearing a familiar voice and some familiar playing. So we ate while listening to Mary Kadderly's "I Go Zoom." (Boyfriend played on the entire album.) On one tune, I asked over a guitar solo, "Is that Dan (so-and-so)?" Ironically, both guitar players on that album were named Dan. But when boyfriend heard a particular lick, he said, "No, that's Faehnle." I laughed and said, "Oh my god, I forgot about Dan Faehnle!"

A couple of Christmases ago (it may have been a Christmas Eve morning) I was flipping channels while boyfriend was still in bed. As I passed CNN, I saw they were running a Larry King show with Diana Krall playing in the studio. Suddenly they cut to her guitarist...and it was Dan Faehnle! We'd had no idea that he was touring with her. I yelled out, "Come here! Quick!!" It was kind of surreal, looking at the TV and suddenly seeing a familiar face. Dan moved back to Ohio about the time we moved here. He and boyfriend used to do gigs together at Jimmy Mak's (just about the only jazz club still left from our days in Portland). We'd sit around the table while they'd be on break and lament that sometimes there just wasn't an appreciative enough audience for jazz in Portland, especially considering the depth of talent there. Fast forward two years...I'm flipping channels in my jammies and there's Dan playing on Larry King. Weird.

When Mary's CD was over, I was still in a Portland mood, so I put this on. If you consider yourself a blues fan but have never heard Paul deLay, you don't know what you're missing. He's a world-class blues harmonica player, great songwriter and a helluva singer. Boyfriend didn't play in his full band, but he used to play in Paul's trio. It was Paul, boyfriend and Janice Scroggins on piano (a monster player). A tasty trio indeed.

Boyfriend's cousin does a duet on the Paul deLay album I was listening to. Her website doesn't feature the CD boyfriend played on. Too bad because there were some good tunes on it. When Paul deLay went to prison for dealing coke (no big secret--he talks about it onstage and wrote tunes about it), she fronted his band until he got out. Paul's funny--he used to say onstage , "Yeah, I was a big-time dealer. I was the only dealer I knew who rode the bus..."

She also fronted this guy's band when he left Portland one summer to tour with Carlos Santana's band. Boyfriend played in this guy's band for seven years. He played on the three CD's on the bottom row of the discography. It's weird--this guy used to be one of my very best friends and we've hardly talked in years. Sometimes I miss him as a pal. We could always make each other laugh. He was sometimes my best audience. I'd heard he had cut off his hair and dyed it blond, but this is the first time I'd seen it. Never thought I'd see the day he'd be blond. The other artist on "Hit It and Quit It" (a James Brown saying that boyfriend used to say right before they took the stage--it used to irritate me that he copped it for an album title) is Terry Robb.

Terry's one of the best acoustic blues guitarists anywhere. I'm listening to his "Stop This World" CD right now. Boyfriend played on that album, too. It's probably out of print. I liked the review I saw of "Stop This World" in a blues magazine. It said, "And the very fine ____________ on drums." Because that's how I think of my boyfriend--very fine! Oh...they meant his playing... :)


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