Friday, April 30, 2004


We're sitting here in the wee hours watching the tape of last night's Prince special. Boyfriend's eating a pb&j, having just strolled in at 3:00. He went to the big calypso concert at the stadium tonight with his cop friend. The cops have a food booth there every year, and every year his friend invites us to go. We've always passed, but boyfriend decided he'd go this year since this may well be our last Carnival season here. I stayed home. I'm SO over calypso, having heard way too much of it in my short time here (including at the beach on the weekends when people bring huge speakers and blast it up and down the beach). And West Indians like their music LOUD. No, seriously. L-O-U-D. I couldn't imagine a less fun way to spend an evening, especially because it was also a contest...and these things tend to run long. It lasted four hours. Most of you probably haven't heard that much (or any) calypso. Let's just say it's not a genre that's known for talented vocalists. Boyfriend said most tonight were pretty bad, but that the best singer won. That's unusual! Several of the singers were from down-island.

After the concert he helped the cops break down the booth and transport it to where they were dropping it off and unload it there. And then they went to Carnival hear more calypso. Eegads. Carnival is marred by violence every year, never fails. Let's hope no one gets stabbed this year. Boyfriend said a couple of fights broke out in the Village. His friend (who was off-duty) was ready to deal with them but the cops who were on duty just stood around doing nothing. That sounds typical. Ha!

Boyfriend said the Discovery Channel is here this week filming all of the Carnival activities. It'll be interesting to see how they piece it together, because a lot of it's pretty half-assed. Some of the parade costumes are wonderful, but the performances are fairly lame. And maybe it's just me, but iI'm not drawn to a parade full of, shall we say, full-figured (sometimes abundantly so) women spilling out of racy costumes. Think about what you imagine Carnival in Brazil would be like...well, this is not that. These aren't sexy hotties shakin' their booties as they march down the street--these are (often) middle-aged, overweight women shaking not only their booties but also their bellies. I see enough of that at the beach. :)


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