Saturday, April 17, 2004


Tonya's journal is one of my daily reads. She had a post yesterday ("Almas del Sol") with her descriptions of the sun in various spots around the U.S. Her words (as always) were wonderful and right-on. And that post got me thinking about my relationship with the sun and what a powerful impact it plays on my psyche. I've always known that I'm someone who needs sun--quite a lot of it. I just feel so much better when the sun is shining. It can generate all kinds of wonderful feelings in me--happiness, contentment, relaxation, sensuality, playfulness.

Reading Tonya's descriptions of the sun in various locales didn't conjure up my own descriptions (I couldn't top hers anyway), but it flooded me with delicious sun-filled memories. Lying on the bank of the Smith River in the peak heat of summer and then plunging into the cold, clear, green water. Savoring an after-work nap in a pup tent in my (sheltered by tall hedges) Portland backyard as the sun in the western sky flooded the tent with rays through the "door" of the tent. Curling up in a pool of sunlight under a big window in a friends' flat to lose myself in a book. Stretching out on the couch in my Victorian apartment in San Francisco in a haze of afternoon sun and nodding off while listening to a favorite album. Sitting and standing at countless outdoor music festivals while my boyfriend played onstage. Never failing to appreciate the incredible and vast sunny tropical vistas afforded by the countless hills on the islands where we live. Swimming in our neighborhood bay and then dragging my sand chair from a shady spot to a sunny one so I can feel the hot rays warm and dry me. And that's just a handful. Sun is why summer is my favorite season--and why I said for years that I'd like to live somewhere where it's 85 degrees year-round. (Be careful what you wish for.) All I know is that I feel best when I can see and feel the sun...and when it can see and feel me.


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