Friday, May 21, 2004

Show me the funny.

Know what I miss? Funny people. I haven't met a god-dam person in these frigging islands who makes me laugh. Not one. In four years. Jesus, no wonder I'm in a pissy mood. Thank god for my boyfriend who can often be counted on for a good the most unexpected ways.

Coworkers tell what they find to be amusing anecdotes and I (fake) "laugh" politely. Actually, I'm a horrible fake-laugher, so what they really get is a forced, hideous smile with a mechanical almost-chuckle behind it.

I'm starved for funny. Positively STARVED for it, which is why I spend as much time as I do searching for it in words (either the hand-held or internet kind). (And why we never miss "The Daily Show.") It's also why I'm such a sarcastic wench at work. Sometimes I have to go for the funny...just to entertain MYSELF.


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