Saturday, July 10, 2004


This afternoon at the beach I really felt like I was in a tropical paradise. It was quite uncrowded for a Saturday at the height of summer. There are no cruise ships visiting today, and none tomorrow. I found a shady spot in the middle of the beach. I park my turquoise sand chair in the same general vicinity every weekend, but not always under the same tree. Today I chose a spot where I was surrounded by trees on both sides. My first couple of hours there, I had about a 40-yard swath of bay all to myself. Heavenly! There was a white sailboat at about one o'clock (directionally, not time-wise). Beyond that, nothing but clear, calm, aqua water and the little island that sits at the mouth of the bay. It was like sitting in a tree cathedral, worshiping at the altar of calming summer beauty. A nice breeze would blow through from the north (at my back) occasionally, just enough to cool off and elicit a mental "aaaahhhh." The water was perfect--absolutely glorious. It was like swimming in an enormous pool, minus the icky chemicals.

I had two books with me and switched off between them. I dozed briefly. I ate a gooey slice of cheese pizza for lunch. I walked the length of the beach, twice. I swam and frolicked in the water. I felt every bone in my body relax into my sand chair. I dug my toes in the sand. I thought of a new business. I took every bit of it in, in all its glory. And as I packed up to leave I thought: what a lucky gal I am that I can come back tomorrow and do it all over again.


Blogger stinkerbelle said...

hi, i just found your blog and read this entry about your afternoon at the beach. all i can say is AMEN.

i too live on an island, Kauai, and i feel so lucky that I drive by the ocean every day and on weekends i have my pick of some of the most beautiful beaches.

sometimes it's hard to leave the beach because the scenery is just so beautiful.....i want to soak it all in and wish it would never end...

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