Thursday, July 08, 2004

Big Fat (okay thin) Whiner

Let me just be a big baby and whine for a minute, because I was just looking at the boyfriend's gig calendar. I flipped over to next week...and found the following:

* a wedding (on our island) Sunday night
* another wedding on St. John on Monday (assume that's evening)
* Sunset Jazz on St. Croix Friday night
* yet another wedding on St. John mid-day on Saturday (THAT'S gonna be a mad dash. He'll have to take the first seaplane back from St. Croix and immediately hop on a ferry to St. John. That's gonna be tight.)

You'd never know I'm the same woman who was used to him being on the road when we lived on the mainland (although three weeks is the longest we've ever been apart) because I really do whine when he goes away for the night now.* In our four years in the tropics, we've only been apart six nights. Can you believe it? I can't. Friday will make seven. Jeez, it's a wonder we haven't killed each other spending all these years with just the two of us cooped up in this little condo. When we hit the States, we'll probably be like, "See ya.." and zip off in opposite directions every opportunity we get...ha!

(*Yes, I could go to St. Croix, too. But have you ever been to St. Croix? The question would be...why?)


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