Sunday, July 04, 2004

Take a Ride on the Ride (Cymbal)

'Pirate Radio' (the local FM rock station) had their 3rd annual Red, White and Blue BBQ at a beach on the northside today. Boyfriend played with one of the bands. It was hard to get good shots, what with all the mike stands and gear in the way. At one point, a guy (#1) walked up to his friend (#2) who was sitting next to me. (Neither knew I was with the boyfriend.) #1 looked at the stage and exclaimed, "Hey, that guy!" #2 (thinking he meant the bass player) said, "Yeah, he's jumping all over the place...he's playing hard." #1 said, "No, not that guy. The drummer, man. He bad." Why yes, he is. :) Posted by Hello


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