Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Youth Vote?

Ohio is looking bleak for Kerry. I'm going to bed...since the alarm will go off in 4 hours.

Everything I'm reading indicates that young voters simply didn't turn out in the substantial numbers the Democrats had hoped for. If that turns out to be the case--and if Kerry loses (which is looking more and more likely)--I will find that very disheartening. If can only mean that young voters simply don't understand how much voting affects everything in their day-to-day lives. (sigh)

I hope the passion this election elicited in many people won't die...because if ever there was a time for passionate vigilance, it's now.


Blogger Katherine said...

oy . . . trying not to feel sad or screwed . . . and am wondering, truly, if this turn of events (or actually more of the same) really makes any difference . . . people must be absolutely terrified to have voted for Bush again . . . can you imagine? wow . . . sorry you have to come home to this . . .

7:36 PM  

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