Friday, February 04, 2005

Floating on the river Link...

Another night spent surfing the 'net in the wee hours, due to sleep arriving way too early. Tonight (this morning?) I visited some sites I hadn't been to in awhile. I started at Lorianne's wonderful Hoarded Ordinaries. She had a link to Journalisimo (back to analog!) and Ivy's blog, having recently met Ivy and Beth in person. It reminded me that I used to read Beth's journal regularly, but hadn't been there in awhile. And I learned of The MacDowell Colony, where Ivy's currently in residence.

I stopped by Blaugustine, another place I hadn't visited in a good long while, and was delighted to see her Egypt photos and to read about her recent trip there. I grew tickled thinking that her experience of the country was probably quite different from the experience being had right now by the two I know who are traveling there. Let's just say that if I ever make it to Egypt, my travels would likely more closely match Natalie's. :) Go read it--great stuff. She's convinced that she was Hatshepsut...she learns of, visits and is deeply moved by Sunshine Project International...she finds remarkable beauty in unlikely spots during her caleche rides...and for a silly little fun, use's Cartouche Creator to see your name in hieroglyphs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marilyn, many thanks for the mention of my Egypt journal (which still has quite a bit more to come). Hope you do get to travel there one day, it's a fantastic country, past & present.
Hope all's well with you on your island.


2:33 PM  
Blogger Dawn Falcone said...

Thanks for the links to some cool sites. I dream of someday owning a home in Costa Rica & living half the year there. Maybe I need to be careful what I wish for!

7:51 PM  

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