Friday, January 21, 2005


Each morning as I snake down the steep hill that takes me into town, I (like a gazillion others) stop where the "paper lady" stands by the side of the road to buy a (local) newspaper. She causes horrible traffic backup, but she's not alone. We have paper ladies standing by the road on all of the major arteries taken into town on weekday mornings. You can find a newspaper in stores, but there are no kiosks or newstands. There are no sidewalk machines where you can plop in your 75 cents, lift/open the lid and grab a paper. And of course there's no home delivery. (Put the "paper ladies" out of business? And let traffic flow freely during the morning commute? Yeah, like that's gonna happen.)

So I stop each morning when I reach the paper lady and buy a paper...but it's not for me. It's for my employer, because he refuses to buy one for himself. He reads the paper each morning--and practically runs over a paper lady on his way to the office--but will absolutely not stoop to stopping and putting his hand out the window. For 15 years, an attorney in the office bought his newspaper each morning. When she moved to the States over a year ago, I assumed that duty. The only reason I assumed it is because it's a way to read the newspaper without buying it. I glance through it when I reach the office, and then give it to him.

There's not a lot that's very interesting in our local paper, so I usually zip through it rather quickly. I almost never read my horoscope. But for some reason, yesterday I did. And it said, "The next 14 years of your life will be very eventful. In many ways, the last 15 years have been in preparation for what's to come."

I can scoff at newspaper horoscopes as well as the next person--as if that's going to apply to all of the gazillion people in the world who are Capricorns. But then I did the math and thought back to where I was, and where my life was, 15 years ago. And damn if it didn't feel true.


Blogger Katherine said...

. . . and using my own psychic powers of grand hoohaa, I also predict a wonderful upcoming decade and a half . . . girl you are in for a treat . . . work that you feel satissfied and good to do and lusciously fabulous while doing it . . . and manymanymany snuggles with your man :)

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love to read my horoscopes and fortune cookies- I love it when it says things like "your wit and intelligence will be useful this month when mercury is in retrograde" Or those ones that say if you were born on this day! Those are always fun too.

7:45 PM  

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