Saturday, January 15, 2005

Can't go home again...

Surfing my hometown newspaper this morning, I wasn't really shocked to read this story--about how real estate prices have skyrocketed in my home county. I'd heard as much from my Dad and also from my cousin, who works for a title insurance company. But the part that had my jaw dropping was reading that there were recently NINE homes listed in the $500,000 to $1 million range. I can't even imagine where those homes might be...but I'm sure as hell gonna find out!

It's so sad to see my little hometown going through this, because it's gotten to the point where locals will no longer be able to afford to buy in their own town. But that's the reality. Want oceanfront property in California? Then you have to head all the way north to the northwest corner of the state. Looking at these prices, I realize that the dream the boyfriend and I have had for years of someday having a little cabin in Gasquet (my favorite place in the whole world) is probably not a realistic one. Oh well, there's always camping! And our favorite campground's there anyway. (I'm a wussy camper...this one has flush toilets and hot showers.) :)


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