Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I was reading Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal this morning and she had posted a link to the 52 Projects site--a site I'd visited some time ago, but had forgotten about. That got me thinking about Keri's book, Living Out Loud, which has been gathering dust on the shelf, since I hadn't cracked it open in quite some time.

I opened it at random and came to the page that talks about "permission cards." She even provides you with the little cards to tear out and place in a jar. The idea is to say "I now give myself permission to _________" and pull a card.

Permission is a funny thing, isn't it? We're all grownups--we shouldn't have to ask anyone's permission for anything, for the most part (as long as we're conducting our lives in a way that's respectful of others' feelings.) I think for most of us, we tend to freely give permission to others if they ask something of us...but often deny it when we ask something of ourselves. So today I'm going to think about all the things I deny myself because I haven't given myself permission to do them. Maybe you'd like to think about that, too.

And if you don't have a copy of Keri's book, pick one up. It's adorable.


Blogger Leslie said...

I have yet to purchase that book, but I'm always tempted to! I agree w/ the permission thing, and it's interesting how we treat ourselves so differently than others. We are harder on ourselves....which is unfortunate!

Also I was reading your post about T minust 5 funny! I've been hearing lately that "50 is the new 30" -- that quote cracks me up! I'm 33, and sometimes I still think of myself as a teenager....silly and crazy at times. I was chatting with an aunt the other day (she's 70), and she was mentioning that she doesn't feel 70 -- she doesn't perceive herself as that either. So I guess it's all mental.

If you see yourself as vibrant, young, spirited (as you DEFINITELY are), then that is who you are! Do you agree?

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