Tuesday, January 04, 2005

T Minus 5 Days...

Fuck it. There's not a goddamn thing I can do about it, so I might as well embrace the shit out of it. (Told you I swear like a longshoreman.) On Sunday, I'll be 50. A HALF CENTURY OLD! How could this BE?! I swear I still feel about 24 inside.

Yesterday it occurred to me that if I stop trying to hide it, maybe it won't feel so horrific. Because, if you think about it, I'm already 50. We don't say a baby is a year old until she's already been on the planet for a year. So actually, I'm wrapping up my 50th year. Looked at that way, it wasn't so bad.

I guess I can comfort myself with the knowledge that no matter how old I get, the boyfriend will always be 8 years younger. So I must be doing something right. (Just call me Junior Sarandon.) Shit. I just realized I'm going to have to change that tagline over on the sidebar. I wonder how many new readers will bother to scope out the site if the first thing they see is "old broad living with her long-time boyfriend..." :)


Blogger Katherine said...

. . . so why bother with age anyway? Why list it on your blog? Because you are a hot fabulous babe and if someone has an age issue that is their misfortune . . . You are going to be fifty - and to me its more about: look at that girl go :) Most people have greyed out by their late twenties, and as much as you kvetch about your dorkiness, etc, you must know in your heart what a rare and wonderful creature you are . . . you are still vibrant and alive and in love and curious and turned on . . . luscousness, my dear, you are pure lusciousness . . . :)

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