Saturday, January 15, 2005


I typically don't do memes, but I liked this one for some reason. Saw it at Kat's Paws and liked her variation on it. Rather than the first line of the first post of each month, she took the LAST line of the LAST post of the month. So, herewith, my parting shots for each month of 2004:

January: Why, oh why, must we choose?

February: I love my man.

March: And that in the face of such natural beauty all that other crap was really petty and meaningless.

April: I see enough of that at the beach.

May: My mother also informs me that said niece has already decided she's going to live with us.

June: Then read the link that discusses the rise of the Protestant work ethic.

July: Not that I'm not seeking a "sure course," but fiction provides me with such a powerful portal to my dreams and imagination that I hope it will always hold sway over me in that way.

August: We may be old....but we're not that old!

September: It's called wanting to have a life.

October: After all, the show must go on.

November: So, what have you got your nose buried in these days?

December: Here's a list of organizations providing aid.

Hmm...I guess that about sums it up...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you liked my variation! :-) it does sum things up kinda nice doesn't it? i tried the six degrees of separation many times over. what a fun way to find other blogs! i've certainly done it before, but not with the intention of trying to link back to myself. it was fun!


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