Wednesday, January 19, 2005


This happens every morning. I'm late. But only in others' eyes. I'm right on time for me. Because I'm operating from my timetable, which has nothing to do with some workplace. I glance at the clock in the corner of my screen and see that I should already have showered and dressed. And then I think, "But I haven't even started. My morning's just begun..." So I count the days. Only 27 more days of doing this. This particular this. And the day after that 27th day, a friend will arrive--a friend who will also have said "So long!" to her this on the previous day. And we'll spend a week reveling in our 'freedom' and lounging at the beach and swimming in the bay and talking and laughing...and toasting each other that for all our days, we'll never again have to do that.


Blogger Katherine said...

fabulous . . . may your timetable find a happy home with your next means of employment :) K

10:05 AM  
Blogger secret agent josephine said...

Cheers to that! But not that that.

11:58 AM  

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