Sunday, February 06, 2005


Yet another reason I'm loving 43 Things...

First I met the fabulous Pam. I mean, come on, who else lives her own version of a bicoastal lifestyle by splitting her time between Austria and Seattle?

And then yesterday I went to my pathetic little list of (far less than 43) things at 43 Things and forced myself to add one goal. After doing that, I noticed that 13 other users shared the same goal, so I took a glance at the group as a whole. But I only checked out one of them and, boy, did I pick a good one.

[Insert sidebar]: About a month ago, I was at home when the words "O-Lan Jones" suddenly popped into my head, because, well, that's how my head works. I thought, "Hmmm, wonder what she's up to these days?" A Google search turned up her IMDB listing and a snarky Fametracker post. (How dare they mock O-Lan?!)

So back to yesterday... At 43 Things I clicked on a link to site called Communicatrix. Anyone who not only references, but (apparently) knows O-Lan Jones is more than okay in my book. As of this writing, I have now read the Communicatrix's entire archives. Okay, she's only been blogging for three months, but still, that should tell you something. Go there. Now. Yes, NOW. I promise, you won't be disappointed.


Blogger communicatrix said...

Wow! Thank you for the ringing endorsement. I'm looking forward to poking around the Island, too.

Yes, I'm fortunate enough to be friends with the lovely and (multi-)talented Miz Jones. She's alive and well and recently joined our theater company, Evidence Room, so we call all look forward to more of her crazy-brilliant opera work soon!

You can keep track of her artistic doings via as well as our own website,

Rock on, USVI!!!

12:57 PM  

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