Sunday, February 06, 2005


"God is not stingy with His miracles; it's a pity we ask for so few." ~Marianne Williamson, "Everyday Grace"

I'm not a Christian (eight years of nun teaching cured me of that--actually, it never really took in the first place) so I squirm a bit when I read/hear someone use the whole "Him" and "His" thing. But I do have the word "God" in my vocabulary--although it may mean something different to me than to many others. I think of God as a higher power or the universe or my highest self or nature or something that's bigger than me. For me, it's not important to have a clear definition. The only precept I need to cling to in order for it to work for me is that whatever it is, it's bigger than me.

I love the idea that Marianne expresses in that quote. It's like her famous quote that's often misattributed to Nelson Mandela which begins: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." Why do we ask for so few miracles in our life? Why do we most often ask for a miracle only when our backs are against the wall? Why do we not ask for miracles to unfold in our lives on a daily basis? It's as if most of us consider miracles only in terms of crisis management.

So I'm here today to say grab the mike, people. Let's start speaking up and asking for some miraculous stuff to be thrown down in our lives as the normal course of business. If you look around your life and think you're pretty damn lucky and have a lot to be grateful for, then give thanks and ask for something that seems out of reach. Not to be selfish--quite the contrary. If there's one thing I've learned in my 50 years, it's that the best miracles are the ones that not only assist me, but allow me to assist others. Ask for miracles in your life so you can know the joy that comes from making miracles happen in other lives. The greatest joys I've ever experienced have come from being of service to others. So just know that when I'm on the mike, I'm not only going to be asking for miracles for myself, but for all of you, too.


I just threw this on the CD player. We're goin' old school now! I do love me some black gospel music. And although I live with someone who grew up playing in that tradition, this is my album. Hell, I used to own it on vinyl. Rance Allen is an amazing singer, with unbelievable range. This album takes me back to my San Francisco days... :) Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though I consider myself quite the opposite of conventionally religious, and much closer to the non-religious end of things, I find myself giving thanks for my blessings and my life quite often. They're rarely personally addressed, though. My god seems to be diffuse. There's nothing much I feel the need of asking for, though. :) ~lizardek

5:32 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

i seem to be going nutty with the comments here...

but i have a very similar concept of god and i love that quote by marianne williamson. i read her "return to love" a couple months ago.

what a lovely, inspiring post marilyn! thank you!!

11:19 PM  

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