Monday, July 12, 2004


Boyfriend's playing another wedding tonight--this one's over at the Westin on St. John. I flipped off the TV and put on Stevie Wonder's "The Definitive Collection" and found myself dancing around the living room to "I Was Made to Love Her." Damn, it's hard to dance in flip-flops, and not a helluva lot easier in bare feet on a ceramic tile floor. You know what? I miss dancing. I mean, I really miss it. I know, you're probably thinking, "Why, you can dance any ol' time you want, Missy!" But the thing is, I don't. Boyfriend and I haven't been out dancing in years. YEARS. (sigh) Of course, convincing a musician to go out dancing on his night off isn't always easy. In Portland, we'd go out to hear his cousin's band, because she always performs a lot of really danceable tunes (and she's a helluva singer).

Here's my one romantic dancing moment with the boyfriend since we've lived here. He was playing at a club where he used to be the music director. This was back in our early days here, when we lived at the "band house" and played host/hostess to a series of visiting musicians. They weren't all from Portland, but several were (as was the club owner). Anyway, an old singer friend of the boyfriend's was here then. They were in a funk band together for seven years in the late 80's (and even have an A&M album to show for it, although it's long out of print). It was the part of the set where the keyboard player (a dear friend of ours, also from the Northwest) was singing (a great keyboard player and unbelievably soulful singer...god, we miss him). I was sitting at one of the tables on the sidewalk just outside the front door, chatting with the singer. The keyboard player usually performed "Georgia" solo (and Ray Charles would have been proud of his version). When that moment arrived, boyfriend walked outside to where I was sitting, held out his hand and said, "There's a whole dance floor with our name on it." I gave him a big smile, took his hand and we walked inside and slow-danced...all by ourselves, for the entire song. It was one of those magical moments where you felt like the dance floor really was just for the two of you. (sigh)

Sorry, Stevie. Time to rustle up the live CD from those days so I can recreate that least in my mind. :)


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*sighing* Ohhhh. SO romantic! And the lack of dancing in our lives (collectively) is a a travesty of living. When I was in college we danced EVERY night (or almost every night) until the wee hours--- now? the occasional wedding if we are lucky. A crime, I tell you-- and don't get me started on how it's all cause they drove out the pagan and earth religions . . .I'm trying to have a peaceful heart here today (and wearing the MOST beautiful sea glass necklace EVER!!! *smile*) - -bluepoppy

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