Wednesday, July 14, 2004


And in Bizarro World last night, I could be found sprawled out in the recliner, legs askew, with the remote in my hand, watching the All-Star Game...while boyfriend sat at the table, laoptop at his elbow, teaching himself fancy napkin-folding techniques. (What the...?!?)

One of the duty-free items featured in the shops here is linens. Boyfriend got it in his head that for his mother's birthday this year he wanted to buy her a nice tablecloth, something nicer than what she would buy herself. They have a large family; she has six kids and eight grandchildren. He wanted her to have something extra-nice to use for family dinners. The tablecloth he chose came with 12 napkins. Before he packed it, he went online to find napkin-folding ideas, printed them out and tucked them into her package. But of course he had to try some of them himself. (And we do use cloth're just not gonna find me makin' hats out of 'em.) Because he's a creative sort, he tends to develop these little obsessions that consume him for periods of time. I just wait it out because I know that eventually it'll pass...sort of like a gallstone. (I kid!)

His other new obsession is "Double Agents" on Discovery. He's been watching it for a few weeks now. He's off work an hour earlier than me, so when I walk in after work that's what I find him watching. I know that he dreams of us someday owning a home. I, however, only dream of owning a home if he won't make me live there forever. I'd much rather take the same money and spend the rest of my life traveling and moving around. This explains why he lived in his hometown for the first 37 years of his life...and I didn't. So as he's watching (and I'm not) he'll casually ask, "Do you like that house?" trying to gauge my tastes--even though he already knows what they are. (I think he keeps hoping that one of these days I'll say, "Yes! I love it!") He prefers homes that to me look like dungeons...brick, steep roofs, dark. The kind of place that looks to me like it would be cold and damp inside. I prefer an open, airy wood house with lots of windows and tons of sun exposure. We've already decided that not only will we probably have to have his-n-her dogs (we know this from arguing through many a dog show) but also his-n-her homes. That's okay. We don't love each other less because of it. We might think the other one's wrong however... :)


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You guys are gooooooood. you have it all figured out. Just from that little snapshot I can tell-- when you're both aware of the differences and look to accomodate the differences (as opposed to trying to beat them out and making the other change)-- it's a long lasting relationship--that! Very cool---- bluepoppy

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