Wednesday, July 21, 2004


From as quoted in the current Yoga Journal:

om gum ganapatayei namaha
(om guhm guh-nuh-puh-tah-yay nah-mah-hah)

"'Om and salutation to the remover of obstacles' invoke the aid of Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity known as the remover of hindrances and bringer of success."

Sounds like one we could all use.  :)


The tropical wave the forecasters were predicting arrived with a bang yesterday afternoon.  I work in an open-air office and around 3:00 yesterday, the wind and rain seemed to come out of nowhere.  It had been a sunny, lovely day...and suddenly the shutters and French doors were slamming in the wind, the papier-mache dolls on the credenza in the outer office were flying through the air and the rain was coming down sideways.  Boyfriend called me from the clubhouse to make sure I'd swing by to pick him up.  It wasn't just the rain and wind, there was also a lot of lightning.  (And as we all know, a golf course is one of the most dangerous places to get caught in a lightning storm.)  As I climbed the steep hill between downtown and our neck of the woods, I was met with inches of water already running down the street.  It's not just that our narrow, windy roads are plagued with potholes and missing shoulders--it's also that the adjacent drainage (even though it was improved last year) simply can't accommodate any sort of heavy downpour.  We stopped at the little market for a few supplies and as we were driving home, the boyfriend said dinner should be ready.  What?!  When he'd gone home for lunch, he'd filled the roaster pan with several boneless, skinless chicken breasts, red potatoes, baby carrots and sliced onions and slow-cooked it all afternoon.  As we ran down the stairs to the landing by the front door, we were met with a wonderful rosemary-laden aroma.  It was the perfect meal for a less-than-perfect-weather day.  Our power was on, but the cable was out.  So after eating, we curled up to watch "Whale Rider."  We had picked up a used DVD a few weeks ago (we'd never seen it), but hadn't gotten around to watching it until Monday night.  When the rain rolled in that night, we had retired early to watch the movie in bed.  I got sleepy about half an hour into it, so I slept through most of it.  But after watching it yesterday (and, yes, it made me cry), he told me that he'd watched the entire movie Monday night while I was sleeping and had lain there and bawled his eyes out.  Awwwww.  Between the dinner and the DVD, see why I love him so much?  :)


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