Saturday, February 19, 2005


I remember hearing about/checking out the BookCrossing site when I first started blogging. It didn't pop into my mind again until 3 am this morning when I was wondering what to do with my books. I don't have tons of books, because I read library books when possible and give away a lot of books I buy. But I have way more books than I want to ship to California.

I could donate them to our tiny library, and they could surely use them because their selection is beyond pathetic. But the library gets so little action (I learned, having checked out many books that had been on the shelves for years only to discover I was the first user to check them out) that my donated books might never get read. We have only two bookstores--a tasty little independent and a tiny store on the east end that specializes mostly in used paperbacks, although they do carry a small selection of new books. I've sold a handful of books there in the past, but it's almost not worth the gas to drive out to the east end. I thought of selling them on eBay or through this site, but that seemed like it would require more time and expense than I want to expend. Finally it hit me: BookCrossing.

I was up early this morning and while having a big mug of decaf, I became a BookCrossing member and began registering books. I've registered nearly 30 thus far and I (surreptitiously) released five of them while walking at the beach this morning. It was fun--sort of like being a Book Fairy. I've always been a big believer in the idea of enjoying a book and then releasing it into the world for someone else to enjoy, so BookCrossing is right up my alley. I respect those who choose to accumulate large home libraries--I'm just not one of those people. (Keep in mind that I've moved dozens of times, so I tend to like to keep my load rather light, too.)

BookCrossing's site says that only 20-25% of released books are 'caught' (or registered as having been caught.) That's okay. I'll feel good knowing that five people showed up at the beach today for a day of fun-n-sun...and found a free book.


Blogger Katherine said...

oh yes - the beloved books :) I do a cleaning every few years and let go of the ones I've outgrown - but I still have a bunch of boxes of them in storage . . . I miss them :) Love the book crossing idea . . . And you lucky girl - living in the lap o luxury :) Sounds fablous and just what you need . . . :)

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