Tuesday, February 08, 2005


I subscribe to Jennifer Louden's Comfort Queen newsletter. In today's issue, she talked about inspiration and asked readers to email what inspires them. I thought that was a good question to start my day, so I made a quick list:

* Phone conversations with my 7-year-old niece - Her 'worldview' reminds me to open up and look at things through enthusiastic eyes.

* My boyfriend's creativity - Nothing like having a creative mate to make me want to tap into my own creative self!

* Walking on the beach - Letting my mind drift while I wade through the warm tropical bay waters...feeling the sand on my feet and between my toes...and letting it ground me after a day spent in a less-than-authentic workplace.

* Synchronicity - Paying attention when things start weaving together. The World Wide Web assists me in creating my own personal web...and safety net.

* Fearlessness - My own and others'...it's much easier to 'leap' if there's a net (see earlier item). I feel embraced by my online community and do my best to 'spot' them, too.

* Good writing - It doesn't have to be fancy or high-falutin'...it just has to feel/sound authentic. Do I hear someone's truth (even if it doesn't match mine)?

* 24-hour reset button - The fact that I'm gifted with a new day...and that it's up to me whether I want to maintain the status quo or re-create my perceptions and, therefore, my reality. It's like a constant universal "do-over" option, and when I acknowledge and appreciate it, things open up.

* Nature - All it takes is a look or stroll outside to remind me of how much beauty there is in this world.

* Stars - I'm fortunate to live in a place where the night sky can be seen in all its spectacular glory...a free and painless perspective shifter.

* Compassion - I struggle to find my own vein of compassion sometimes. Often the best way to tap into it is to read/hear stories of others' compassionate acts.

The first definition for inspire in my dictionary is: "to stimulate (a person) to creative or other activity or to express certain ideas." May the wand of inspiration wave over this day for you.


Blogger Will said...

All that walking through the warm water---you're killing me. I'll think of you with a hint of jealousy as I walk to my car tonight in 3 to 5 inches of snow (and then get up and snow-blow at 5 am tomorrow morning). Sigh.

Enjoy a warm breeze for me tonight. ;-)

8:32 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

i love that list! so many of those inspirations are mine as well...particularly the stars and synchronicity.

11:17 PM  

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