Sunday, February 20, 2005

golf nut

As boyfriend was just leaving for work (he works 2-1/2 hours on Sunday mornings), he mentioned that he spoke to one of his coworkers at the golf course yesterday about his golf balls. They've agreed to buy them, at 50 cents a pop. I was like, "Woo hoo!" THEN, he said he wanted to find some more. That's right--these are found golf balls. (Thank god for bad golfers.) Keep in mind that there are two LARGE plastic tubs full of golf balls sitting in the corner of our balcony. But, no, he wants to rustle up some more "...because I only have about 800." I countered, "But that's $400!" (of pure profit). Hell, that'll probably cover our shipping (at the rate we're getting rid of stuff)...yay!! He mumbled something about "two thousand" as he was heading out the door. Two thousand balls (netting him $1,000)? If he thinks he's gonna go off gallivanting in the shrubs looking for another 1,200 golf balls while I sit here and sort and pack...well, Mister had better think again. (Why, oh why, do men get so obsessed with the unimportant things? It's like the time he insisted on spray-painting the barbecue moments before H. was scheduled to arrive instead of helping me clean the condo.)


UPDATE: When he got home from work, after searching for a few golf balls while making his rounds at the course this morning, boyfriend said he was reminded what a pain the process is--searching for them in the shrubs and brush, cleaning them, etc. So no more golf ball hunting for the boyfriend--he'll sell what he already has on hand. :)


Blogger Katherine said...

oh he makes total guy-sense. Packing for a big move or cleaning for his son's visit is loaded with not only way too many details that need to be sorted out in process (horrifying! overwhelming!), but also fraught with emotional landmines. Best to do something finite with a definite payoff at the end: shiny b-b-q! 50 cents a ball! Now those are boundaries a guy can deal with! :)

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