Saturday, November 13, 2004

Recovery Room

Boyfriend has just split for the ferry to take him to St. John where he'll be spending the rest of the day/evening/into the wee hours as bandleader for the wedding of a relief pitcher for the Yankees. I say that not to name-drop (because we'd never heard of the guy), but mention it because everyone's panties are in a twist over making sure this all goes extra smoothly.

By the time we packed the car (having obtained extra gear from the keyboard player earlier this morning), I felt like he was embarking on a week-long trip. Our little Honda Accord now contains:

a drum kit
a keyboard
a keyboard stand
a piano bench (yes, the old wooden kind)
a PA system (mixer, speakers, tripods for speakers)
a CD boombox + a bunch of CD's
two sets of gigs clothes (for him and the keyboardist)
a digital camera + attachments
binders full of music charts + assorted song lists, files, etc.
one of those big orange extension cords
his Dopp kit
several beach towels (to wrap around gear in case it's raining when they're loading in and moving gear between the ceremony and reception locations, because it's been raining off and on all week)

These types of gigs pay well (especially if you're the bandleader...yay!), but, he's spent a lot of time putting this together. The bride also requested a list of songs to be played during the ceremony. He's arranged for the keyboard player to do that solo, and thankfully the list got whittled down. (Her original list had like 15 songs!)

The couple originally wanted the band to play the reception from 6:30-9:30 pm. Then they added an extra hour. No biggie. But we arrived home at lunchtime yesterday (yesterday!) to a message on the answering machine from the resort's wedding planner telling him that the bride and groom had now requested that the band play until 2 am. Yes, that's right...they want the band to play for 7-1/2 hours. (Can you say "party animals," boys and girls?) Thankfully, the other guys were up for it (just more money for them, too). Three of the musicians are ferrying over from here. I honestly don't know what they'll do between 2 and 6 am, when the ferries start running again. And the hotel is booked up, so it's not like they even have rooms available for them if they wanted them. Guess they'll just hang out for a few hours.

So I'm batch'ing it for the night. When I was at the mall after work yesterday running errands, I slipped into the music store to scour the sale DVD racks. I found "About Schmidt" for $6.99 (and we never saw it). So that'll be my Saturday evening entertainment. As for the afternoon, I plan to just putz around and do whatever--just enjoy the peace and quiet of girlie time. Oh yeah, and eat. It wasn't until after he drove away that it occurred to me that we forgot to do that all morning. :)


Blogger Katherine said...

sounds like aparty all right :) . . . Oh - About Schmidt is so good . . . fabulous . . .

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